Sunday, November 27, 2011

SOLD-Dream Street-7x9

If you noticed, this study is 7x9 for $75, a full inch top and bottom bigger than my 6x8's that sell for this same price. my idea of coping with this stubborn economy and sagging sales is to offer a bigger canvas for the same price as a smaller one. this is the exact opposite of the grocery store where they give themselves a raise by selling you a smaller package at the same price.

This was done the other afternoon in swansboro nc. the light was silvery, caused by high thin clouds. what caught my eye was the shine on the water off in the distance. i like the bright, cool color harmonies that this light key has. if you can match the color notes and make them relate to each other on the canvas the way they do in reality, you will have caught the "truth" of it.

Hawthorne quote: "Do the simple thing and do it well. Try to see the large simple spots- do the obvious first. When you go out to paint and things mean only spots to you, you have your painters eye with you.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

The silvery sliver of the water is exactly what grabbed my eye in the thumbnail on someone's blogroll, Mike. I like your observation about paying more if you want to buy less. I hate that!

mike rooney studios said...

i'm a sucker for some glimmer mary!