Monday, July 28, 2008

A few from Swansboro

the clouds rolled back today long enough to do this larger (for me) painting. i used medium to large palette knives and pure clean color. its funny, when i use knives i see where the thinner (especially dirty thinner) can dirty up the colors i'm trying to achieve. smaller paintings stay cleaner i think without this problem just because the amounts of paint and thinner are smaller. its just an idea.

Marsh Morning (Late July)- 18x24- oil on canvas board

heres one from the side yard of my gallery in swansboro. if you havent visited tidewaters new location on main st. youre missing a wonderful experience. he moved into a century old house and spent alot of time inside and out making it the coolest gallery ever. if this is his backyard imagine what the inside looks like! check out rays place the next time youre in swansboro. and tell him you heard about it on this blog and of course buy one of these paintings LOL

Rays Backyard- 10x8 -oil on canvas board


Kerri Settle said...

I really love your marsh knife painting! The pattern of the land masses keep my eye moving and the addition of the lone egret are perfect.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks alot! had fun knifing in all this thick gooey paint and it has swirls of different colors in every big SWOOSH that the digital loses. gotta see it in person to really appreciate a knife painting. they are so fun to do, and really time saving as well. seems like all my bigger ones end up being knifed here lately. did you see the one from the rooftop in wilmington looking towards the bridge? BTW that sold before the show even hung in wilmington and was i stoked that knife paintings that big would sell around here. i dont know anybody else doing them, do you? i know out west louisa mcelwain sells huge knife paintings of the buttes, canyons etc. check her out shes amazing and crazy loose. her 48x60 paintings sell for $19,000 dont you wish we got that around here?
take care

Kerri Settle said...

Aw, I'm not sure if I saw the Wilmington piece you're referring to. I went back through some posts but probably missed it.

You're right; I haven't seen any other knife paintings in this area. But then, most of the artists in this area that I've seen are more watercolor based. I played around with a few knife paintings a few years ago but I wasn't very successful with doing the big bold strokes that makes a knife painting so worthwhile. I wanted to worry it to death. I'll check out Louisa's work!

Frank Gardner said...

love the top one. I am going to do a knife painting.