Monday, July 21, 2008

Hodge Podge

todays post is a hodge podge of images, two from raleigh for the Art Source show in September. the other one is a commission of a beach cottage in atlantic beach.
i'm experimenting some with underpainting more of my paintings with orange in the sky and very light shapes and magenta in the darker light shapes and lighter shadow shapes, and red-violet in the dark shadow shapes. i know this all sounds confusing but you painters know this is important stuff. LOL
point is i'm liking what i'm painting again, after a period of unhappiness. i kept it to myself (smile)

5 Points at 2:42- 9x12- Art Source in Raleigh
Coming into the City- 9x12- Art Source
The Underwood Cottage- 12x16- SOLD- commission

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