Sunday, July 27, 2008

Took the day off-sorta

heres what you do when you keep looking at something you've painted and it drives you crazy. if you scroll down you see that i lightened and grayed all the skyscraper shapes to set them further in the distance and make the tree come forward . then i put the bottom of the tree in shadow to add a little variety. then i grayed down just a tad the clump of trees to the left to make them go back into the middle ground. still not one of my best efforts but better than it was. probably would be better if there were some cars going down the highway into the skyline. who knows? this one may not be finished after all!

the high bid for Lavender Afternoon (see a few posts down to see the painting) is $32 as of 8:20 on Sunday night. auction is over tomorrow morning so bid a few bucks more and win it!

Coming Into the City- 9x12

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