Sunday, July 13, 2008

A few from the Weekend

spent the day yesterday painting on bald head island. you cant drive cars on this small barrier island just a mile from southport nc. took a bicycle all over the island and found this bluff up high to paint from. loved the way the roofs were shining against the blue-green sea. everything i painted with was in my bookback on my back. felt like my hero Charles Sovek as he peddled around provincetown!
come to think of it... i must have been channeling him. this piece looks kinda like a Sovek.

From Flora's Bluff-6x8

did this little ditty in about half an hour and the guy was nice enough to stay in one place after he got up and came over to see what i was doing. thanks dude!

Relax- 6x8

here's the companion piece of "the South End". place had ten times this many people so i edited them out to a few boats and a few sunbathers.

Water Access (South End)- 12x24

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