Friday, July 4, 2008

Tucked Away-9x12-SOLD

i've got a new way of getting the subject framed and on the canvas that i think you other painters might enjoy hearing about.

i took a piece of clear plexiglass and drew a 4"x5" square (for 8x10)and a 4.5"x6" square (9x12) on with a sharpie. got two grease pencils (white and black) and a piece of blue plexiglass about 3" square.

find your subject and move the 8x10 or 9x12 square back and forth cropping the scene to find the most pleasing composition. hold it still and draw the big angles with either the white or black grease pencil.
then transfer the composition to the panel youre getting ready to paint. no weird amputations, no stuff running off the canvas, and most of all (my biggest problem before using this new method) no oversized subjects. now everything has the right amount of "air" around the subject!

i then draw it on with a red carpenters pencil and rub real hard to smear it all over the white canvas toning it a nice warm red and then i take the home color of the shape and wash it on the shape with lots of thinner. once this is done i start using thicker and more realistic colors in thicker paint.

look thru the blue plexiglass to average your shapes values- extra light, light, med, dark and extra dark.

my compositions are now stronger and easier to get down in the few minutes it should take to get down the basics on the canvas board.

hope you try it and tell me what you think on comments below.

The contest entry is over at midnite tonite. i'll announce the winner soon! happy 4th!

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