Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Scribble Scrabble

no paintings to post today.
i gave private painting lessons all day, and man am i glad.
one was in the shade in the early hours and the other was inside a beach cottage in the air condition during the hottest part of the day. it was over 100 degrees today i hear.

if you'd like to have a private lesson this week and live in the atlantic beach/emerald isle/ morehead city area, give me a call and we'll make that happen. my number is 919-920-9718.
they are extremely affordable and you get one-on-one personal instruction.
this offer is only for this week while i'm up that way working.

one of the kids in the second lesson asked another kid if they were going to " scribble scrabble" with her. this was her description of our painting activity. thought that was hilarious! i guess i'm a scribble scrabbler, huh?
thanks sally, had a ball at the painting party!

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