Tuesday, July 29, 2008

From a Rooftop

heres a WIP (work in progress)
i guess because these large rooftop paintings i do are so complicated they take me two sessions to complete. it has everything from clouds, water, buildings, foliage, small windows, a bridge and tugboats. WOW. only object missing is a person and a kitchen sink.
anyway this is what i got done on the first go out. what i'm doing is getting the light and shadow pattern and the final colors complement underpainted and then tomorrow i'll come back with the real colors on top thick with my palette knives. i did this one different than yesterday. yesterday i painted the whole painting with knives. today i underpainted with a large brush and i'll scoop on thick paint with knives tomorrow.
notice how the water is orange to start with. the funny thing is when i'm done putting the blue/purple/gray water on top you may not see any of the orange and then sometimes i leave bits of it showing for interest since that shape is a large one. one thing i see that i'll want to change tomorrow is lighten the top part of the sky. it looks kinda blue and dark to me compared to what you see in the real thing. the rest is too hard to tell yet. you'll see what i end up with when i post the final painting and hopefully it'll be a decent painting. too hard to predict at this time. what a weird feeling to be so close to a good painting and yet so close to a total crash and burn event. welcome to my world of painting for a living!

WIP- underpainting a rooftop painting. i think its 22x24?

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Fabulous vantage point and block in!