Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Brave New World

Local Store- 9x12- unframed oil on canvas board


last winter i did a bunch of vehicles and semi tractor trailers against bright orange walls, flatbeds sitting in a field, the sides of old run down buildings etc. i love painting and dont really care what "it" is i just enjoy describing the light on it. sometimes its not a marsh, or a beach umbrella, or a pretty sailboat with a setting sun. cant help that. sometimes its a field of haybales where i chose to put in the billboard and busy street running by it. i paint stuff like this as much as the "pretty touristy" stuff (which puts the majority of bread on my table) so i'm still doing tons of it.

i totally understand a gallery not wanting to put up a painting like the one above. for crying out loud, most people dont want a van sitting under an old country store. but some do.


Frank Gardner said...

First of all, I do think that these paintings are "gallery" subject matter. Maybe just not for those galleries.

As far as the ebay selling is concerned, I don't think that a gallery can complain about you selling paintings in that way since they are paintings that they don't want to take on consignment.

Did someone give you a hard time about doing this?

I think that you have the option to sell your paintings anywhere you like. It is probably the price possibly being lower than what they are charging that is the issue.
If it was at another gallery at the same price they would have no reason to complain.

Selling on ebay and risking getting lower than retail price on them is up to you I guess. There is always the chance that you will get more than retail too.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks frank
you make some excellent points.

David Lobenberg said...

I think your trucks are a super cool subject, and I particularly like this one. Good comp, and painted in a commanding and non fussy manner!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. i'm really trying for this "economy of strokes" idea ive got going on. makes the paintings fresher and easier to complete plein air in the time allotted. it was funny on this one. i'm out there painting this scene and the lady whose house i was in front of came out puzzled. she says "what are you painting" and i pointed at the trucks and said "those trucks over there"
she says "why?"
cracked me up