Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dockside Seating- 8x6-SOLD

When i saw this girl sitting in the chair talking on her cell phone i knew i had to paint her. the way the sun was hitting her skin it glowed, and that pink dress she had on was shimmering. the purple was a great temperature contrast to the pink of the dress and the orange tinge in the hair. i took a picture of her and hoped she didnt catch me and think i was some stalker or something. i took the image to my photo software program and tweaked up the red in her hair till it was like i remembered it.
its still raining (more forecasted for tomorrow) so expect to see more work from photos or still life paintings.


Anonymous said...

Foul weather doesn't stop you- you're a painting demon!
She's a lovely subject, even from behind.
I like views from the back- more to wonder about and less fussing with features.
Just the essence of the pose and anonymity of the photographer.

She'd be happy to see herself this way.

Terry said...

Lovely painting - the color palette is perfect. Discovered your blog through the comment you left for Robin on "Hot Mama" - lucky you to have that painting!
I'll be back often to see what you're doing -
oh - and I particularly like your Afternoon in Five Points!!

mike rooney studios said...

i dont think i ever saw her face and i dont say this often, but she was a vision of beauty sitting in that chair on the dock. she didnt have that dark tan most around here have. her fair skin was reflecting the light like you see in those 1930's california impressionism figurative paintings- absolutely lovely.
had to keep shooting photos to keep from having the cell phone in the shot, so i was afraid she'd see me and think i was some stalker weirdo. i want to do her again, a little larger maybe 9x12 or 12x16, if i can keep the stoke after the sun comes out tomorrow afternoon (they say). i gotta get outside and paint, its been almost 4 days in the studio arrrrggghhh

thanks for stopping by for the first time.
isnt that a sweet one from her?i've seen her stuff for over a year but last nights painting really had to come to my house. and ive never bought one from fellow bloggers as long as i've been blogging. so that one is special to me.
please come back. i know i'll be hitting yours regularly as well.