Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Life in the Slow Lane- 12x9

Available at Woods Gallery- Bald Head Island

this is one i did while on the island last weekend. there are no cars allowed there and everybody gets around on these things. i really love painting them because of all the different surfaces and planes on a golf cart, so color abounds. i also love to paint the shadow on the sand and the offwhite seats in shadow. the last one i painted was on the wall of the gallery less than a week. these golf cars are iconic bald head island!
all shapes on this painting started out pure out- of the- tube colors. warm on every shape and cool on all the shadow shapes. then i put a color on top of that that will bring the shape more in line with what it really looks like. i stay just on the colorful side of reality (as you can see) . if i wanted photo realism i'd take a picture right? i enjoy doing this beachy "still life" to sharpen the landscape skills.

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