Wednesday, September 17, 2008

From Rural to Urban

Hot Dog Vendor
thanks k. in raleigh

Today i was in raleigh and the sun kept playing peek-a-boo so i stuck with one lighting effect instead of trying to paint it sunny one minute and when the sun goes behind the cloud keep painting. i stuck with the overcast lighting effect. my parking meter was going to run out in two hours, so i had to walk a few blocks into downtown and find the scene, paint it, and pack up, and walk back to the truck. all before the meter runs out and i get a ticket that will cost more than i charge for this painting. talk about having an incentive to keep it loose, and quick. no wonder my stuff looks so spontaneous LOL


Anonymous said...

Incentive is a great motivator and it worked in this one too. Free, loose, has the essence of exactly what you saw.

How interesting to me when I view the post, the painting appears so detailed and yet, when I look at the enlarged version, it's so impressionistic.

What must I learn from that....? Hmmm....

Less is only more when less is right on target!
Go Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks bonnieluria. when youre out there in a bustling city seeing ALL that stuff its almost overwhelming. especially on a 6x8. you just put down the big big stuff boldly first and you only add what there's time left to do. so if you do a 1 1/2 hr painting theres not that much detail. this was probably a little less with the walking and setup/breakdown time it took away from the 2 hr. meter.

Anonymous said...

Ffffffttt, there went another one!
Congratulations Mike.
Seems the subject doesn't really matter- as the song title:
"When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that's amore ".

Glad someone loved it enough to own it.