Friday, September 12, 2008

String is Dry

Mystic Cloudbank- 8x20- SOLD

Today the storms and clouds left after a week. these beautiful clouds and bluebird skies were left. the temps were nice and this painting fell off the brush.

getting and keeping the large masses the right value, hue, and chroma, allows you the freedom to get really colorful and varied on your big shapes. its when you lose that tender balance in value, hue, and chroma that things start going south fast.

you gotta click the photo above to see the clouds. this little pic doesnt do 'em justice. i love it when you dont have to fight the painting. makes the experience all the sweeter.


Anonymous said...

Mike- what atmospherically lovely clouds- up close and the smaller version too.
Clouds and hands, could there be any trickier things to represent!

I like the elongated canvas- puts your eye right into panorama mode.

It's a beauty.

Glad it came easy for you after too many days in the studio!

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria- thanks so much. i must confess that i named this Mystic Cloudbank because it never seemed to move while i was painting it.
In fact i just got a call telling me that it sold today. which has to be a personal record at a gallery. less than 24 hours. wish i did that all the time lol