Saturday, September 13, 2008

A Different Gig

Today i've been working on a project for a real estate developer in Raleigh. you may remember i did several paintings for them back in the early spring. they were painted plein air around north hills mall.

this project is much harder by far. then i could just go set up my easel and do what i always do, paint what i see. on this job they asked me to imagine what a scene would look like on a building thats not even there. its being built. looking at something and painting it is wayyyyy easier!

so i drew up some sketches and tried to imagine what a sunny day at this soon to be retail space will look like.
they want to show the concept paintings to potential renters to show that the place will look like a parisian cafe area, with people, trees, and all the rest.

they'll pick one of these 3, make a change or two and get me to do the final, which will be a little more finished. you dont want to spend tons of time on these until you know that youre going in the direction they envisioned. then you can hone in on it!


Anonymous said...

If I were one of the potential retailers, I'd be more inclined to feel for one of these than a computer generated image or a typical architectural rendering.

It's another nod to your ability to not only paint what's there, but to paint what isn't!
Great work.

PS- congratulations on selling your cloud landscape ( previous post ) in record time.
Lucky buyer. Smart too.

mike rooney studios said...

took the paintings to the customers and they want two paintings now. you hit it on the head.... they want comfy, cafe cozy compared to the sterile archit. type renderings. i would have thought something like this would have been a nightmare commission but knock on wood, its going really smooth.
meant to ask you if Ike messed up your island any?

Anonymous said...

Good news Mike! That organic feel seems so much more personal- glad they thought so too.

Doesn't it just give you a boost to have something like this happen!

Thankfully, Ike passes us- left us with only much needed rain, and took out his wrath on Houston.
It's a disaster there.
Gotten so that mainland is getting a bigger hit from these storms than ever anticipated.
But we sit and hold our breath until November....
Thanks for asking.

PS- I sent lots of people to your blog via a link. How could I not??

mike rooney studios said...

b- they made a reasonable change or two to help them sell the potential leasee and i'll do 2- 12x16's on canvas board for them to show them.
glad ike missed you. do they ever evacuate the island if its a bad one?
thanks for the link. i'll put you on my permanent links to the right of my blog. i'd love to be on yours too if its not too much trouble. gotta help one another right.thanks b!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike- I'll try to live up to the honor.
You'll be on mine too-

Regarding storms- we're built to survive them on this island. After the total destruction in 89 of Hugo ( I was not here then ), homes are built to strict code, and since water surge is the biggest factor in these storms as we've seen with Katrina, Rita, Wilma, Ike, etc. , it's worse with a big land mass like the Gulf States or Florida.
It's a bigger wall of land to smack up against and the force is tremendous. We're like a small thumb that protrudes so the water surge is non existent.
I haven't been through a major one though.....
Your state is a potential too, no?