Wednesday, September 24, 2008

From City by the Sea to Hiway 258

Farm Building on Hiway 258- 6x8

I set my cell phone alarm on this one and i raced to get the painting done before it went off, so i wouldnt fuss with it. how did i do?


Anonymous said...

You did great, is how you did. Love the free strokes of the trees in the background and the way you handle greens.
I have a very hard time with them...
Really cranking these out Mike.

Good rhythm to maintain, I think that's how we get better.

mike rooney studios said...

bonnieluria- thanks. the key to greens is variety. the way to do that is make sure that you have both warm and cool:
yellow biased greens,
red biased greens and blue biased greens
as many varieties as time will allow
that'll keep em varied.
as far as pace goes i make sure i paint something almost every day. that way i dont slack off. feel like if i stay away from the easel a week i lose a months worth painting MOJO! so i dont go but a day or two without doing at least a small one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mike for the recipes of variety.
I know what you mean about staying away. You do get stiff and feel like a neophyte once again.

Now I have to employ that myself.

Frank Gardner said...

How long did you set it for?

mike rooney studios said...

are you back home now? cant wait for you to post the new england stuff

i set the alarm for one and a half hours and i finished before it went off. no time for fussing when you have to stop when the phone goes off, good or bad, you have to about editing!

Frank Gardner said...

Yeah Mike, I'm back.
Trying to get settled back into life here. I have some stuff posted already, but have a bunch more with some longer posts and stories once I have some time I can dedicate to the blog.
1 and 1/2 hrs. is a good amount of time.