Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Morehead Workshop Going Well

Tea Time

Today was the second day of my three day workshop in Morehead City. yesterday i did a demo of a marsh scene with a backlit house in it. i showed the ladies how to underpaint using the Cape Cod School technique of underpainting all the shapes with 'straight out of the tube' colors on the first round of painting and add the necessary colors to those shapes to get it closer to the real thing.
Today we painted Hensche/Hawthorne blocks using palette knives and then set up a cosmetic bottle and painted it in the same manner. these excercises train the eye how to see past local color and to see bright vivid, luscious color and scoop it on like cake frosting. how fun is that?
tomorrow we cover internet sales, blogs, and marketing in a morning coffee session, and then more painting and a wrap up with a critique session.

I have a slot left in the weekend class if youre interested in signing up. just email me and i'll save you a spot.


Anonymous said...

Mike- it sounds like a very comprehensive and fun offering to artists taking your workshop.
Would you post some of the examples of palette knife work?

Pat W said...

Just finished Mike's MHC workshop and it was terrific! Second one I've taken and I SWEAR I'll paint every day. We had a great group. It was worth the frostbite.

mike rooney studios said...

Bonnieluria- it was a great group and they took in a weeks worth of info in three days. they withstood cold temps without a complaint. too busy studying nuances in color to notice i guess. LOL
didnt take any photos of knife work but if youre interested Burning Oak Studios has taped three of my instructional painting DVDs. one's an hour and a half on knife painting. Jerrys Artarama (big art supply company) is selling them nationally. if you want one theyre $24 each plus $5 shipping. you can see snippets of another one i did by googleing "mike rooney YouTube" and "mike rooney Jerrys Artarama" for some 10 minute mini lessons.
didnt know you like the knife. alright!

pat w- thanks for the nice words. you were troopers out there the last two days and all get the MR Plein Air Painter Award. it was a little breezy and not warm. if was worth it, beats being in the studio LOL
see you in January when i do the color class eh?

anne h ward said...

hello mike, by now you have your feet up and enjoying a red bull mimosa, resting (what's that?) and gathering thoughts for your blog.
what a great three days!!! with all this new-found information and determination to apply it, i am looking forward to seeing great results in my paintings. thank you, thank you.
absolutely looking forward to a january color class. how about during the week rather than weekend?
everyone out there...mike has lots to teach. sign up! you'll be glad you did.

mike rooney studios said...

i'm glad you enjoyed the workshop
i can have a saturday class for the working folks and a weekday for those that can do it better then.
when youre painting in the next few weeks youre going to notice that what you thought went Zoom by you, or that you think you didnt remember? that will all come back to you by magic.
youre a joy to hang out with. see you in January in the color class if not before.

Anonymous said...

Mike-very impressive that you've got instructional DVD's out. Who knew?

I imagine that even when teaching, you're still learning too.

Thanks for the info here- I'll have a look.