Friday, January 2, 2009

Beach Road- Atlantic Beach

Beach Rd. Shapes- 8x10- oil on canvasboard
$275 framed, $235 unframed
contact me before it goes to Vision Gallery in Atlantic Beach
to purchase- be the first to contact me and say " i want it!"

Here's one i did the other day on Broadway St. (beach road) in Atlantic Beach.
this was a late afternoon paintinga and what i liked about this scene was the strip of sun coming between the beach houses. and of course i dream at night of finding backlit scenes to paint. these old beach houses just ooze coastal carolina scenery. you can smell the salt air and hear the waves crashing, cant you?


Don Gray said...

Nice painting, Mike. Happy New Year and Happy Painting in 2009!

Anonymous said...

Mike, I haven’t stopped by your blog for a few weeks, so it has been a pleasure to see what you have been painting. Happy New Year to you.
When looking at this painting, I caught myself thinking that if it had a couple of palm trees it could very well be a backwater in the Florida Keys. (lol)

mike rooney studios said...

thanks man. you've been doing some real sweet stuff lately yourself. i still love that one of the small white building that had the shadow on it some and then you could see the fields out back behind it. that one's still on my mind. you nailed that mid-sun-shadow side. not quite lit not quite in shadow. that was sweeeeet! i want to get that effect on some of my upcoming white buildings. isnt the internet a real boon to us modern day painters? thanks for stopping by and commenting!

maggie- long time no hear! i want to go back to the keys this winter. this time i want to stay off key west and paint the ones close. it'll be cheaper to stay and will give me the run down- really used- look that i always like versus, tropical paradise stuff. for me that working boat, stock key, type stuff always sells better for me for some reason. i like to paint it better i guess.
thanks for coming back! dont stay away so long next time ok?