Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Amber Drinking Glass-7x5-SOLD

Check out one of my newest Jerrys Artarama online tutorials on how to desaturate color by clicking here! i think you'll like it....

today was the last day of a three day workshop. everyone was great and said they learned alot about painting. i saw a few "ahaaa, i get its!" and that makes the somewhat difficult job of teaching such a complicated and subjective craft, well worth it.
thanks "beach girls". i'll make sure the "mountain girls" know y'all didnt gripe once!
the one above was another demo on how to paint glass. that amber is tricky. way more than clear, thats for sure!

did an 8x10 after class when i saw a beautiful winter OBX (late afternoon) scene. i was going to go rest up after class, but i braved the low 40's degree weather and got it in before the sun slipped down below the water.
my hands were absolutely freezing. i may post it tomorrow.


Allison Currie said...

Hi Mike,

I tried to access your online classes on Jerry's Art O Rama but I got the following message:

Oops. This page cannot be found.

We've completely redesigned our site and links from search engines may not have been updated yet.
Please use our search tool or our easy to use Index above.

Just wanted to let you know, looks like its just a case of getting the new URL for your videos. :)

mike rooney studios said...

i'll look into the glitch. theyre always changing stuff around and probably moved the address and jerrys didnt tell me. i'll see if i cant get it right asap
thanks for letting me know the links no good.

mike rooney studios said...
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Jeff Mahorney said...

Yeah! Loose and Beautiful. I love it. and what a harmonious color palette.
btw-videos are workin fine for me. Allison, make sure you have Flash installed. I can't wait to watch em all Mike!

mike rooney studios said...

i fixed the link to Jerrys for the Free Online Art Lessons a few minutes ago. they had changed the address on me. Doh!(simpson sound!) LOL
thanks for the heads up allison!

thanks man.
i was doing a demo at my workshop, and you feel like you've got to "get with it!" while the students are watching. you feel the need to hurry so they can go paint.
tends to make one REAL loose, throwing paint like a madman!

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Mike... Dropping by to google-eye your great work. Love the new banner at the top of this blog... the site and your work are looking awesome. Keep up the good job... Talk to you soon...

Mikes1024 said...

Hi Mike...the amber glass is great. The new video was very tone down and what to do with paint scrapings. Great way to keep them in use. Also what did you mean when you applied the green to the background, something about keeping it cool to receive. Do cool colors in the background work better in still life? May have misunderstood. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Mike- what a great sense of painting fun you convey in your video.
It gave me a better idea of the consistency of the paint you use. It doesn't look too thinned out.

You so easily snag the essence of a subject and make pain-ting look pain-less.

I know how much I'm going to enjoy your DVD whenever it arrives.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for stopping by. been having a ball painting up a storm. now that i'm on i have an excuse to paint 'almost everyday' right?

cool colors go backwards into the distance. its a way to make the still life in front come forward and look closer....

i really dont think painting is worth fretting over. if i get a nice result good, if not oh well. its only an hour and a half and $1 worth of paint why sweat it. makes the whole process a whole lot more fun.
cant remember.... are you sending a check for the dvd or do you want to pay by paypal?

Anonymous said...

Mike- I sent you an email a few days ago saying that I mailed you a check.
It's well on it's way.

I'm really looking forward to watching it.

mike rooney studios said...

i thought you said you did,,, i couldnt remember. i'm out of town working for a week or two so i'll send it asap. thanks