Friday, January 9, 2009

Lamp Light-SOLD

I'm stoked to announce that i've been juried into the Daily Painter Gallery, the internets premier daily painter gallery. DPG (as its known) is heavily marketed by Micah Condon, the sites creator. with over a million hits to the site a year, and ads in such magazines as American Art Collector, i'm tickled to be juried into the gallery. Micah said around 50 applied to get in, and the galleries artists juried in 19, saying they liked my paintings and the written content of my blog.

i'm honored to show and sell my work with some of the best daily painters in the country, and i'm looking forward to the increased exposure a million viewers a year, from all over the world, will give me.

might make me a dollar or two and i can have more weenies in my beenies LOL


Mikes1024 said...

Congrats Mike...clearly well deserved. I'll be checking out DPG. Best of luck. Michael

Sheila Vaughan said...

Congratulations Mike - great to have you aboard. I really like the atmosphere in this painting and look forward to seeing much more of your wonderful work.

mike rooney studios said...

mikes1024- theres lots of great artists and a nice variety at DPG. you can click the DPG widget on my right sidebar to get there quick. thanks for the nice words.

sheila vaughan- i really love your stuff so your kind words mean alot.
i was playing around on this one. i liked everything except i got the walls one value (out of five) to dark for my liking. i'll probably remember that on the next one. has a lot in it for a 4x4 doesnt it?
and thanks for having me at DPG and youre one of the ones i go to everyday.

Eleanor said...

Daily painting pays off !
You are viral for sure!


mike rooney studios said...

i'm more viral than Typhoid Mary! LOL
what number you on? close to 200?
when you gonna start that blog? what you waitin for?

thanks. i'm tickled to be in DPG! already sold my first one in less than a day and had another person want the same one. dern i know i should have painted two!
you taking the morehead color 101 class in feb.?

Anonymous said...

Mike - congratulations on this very exciting opportunity.
First, to get your work out to more people and second, for the recognition that you so deserve.

Your work stands out, has a distinctive touch to it and the additional traffic is a big plus.

Glad that after some road bumps, you've now got something to bask in.

I really like these cozy interior studies you've been doing.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks so much! i dont know about all that (insert picture of blushing HERE)
that site gets thousands of hits a day. my page got 49 today. more than on seven ebay days.
i'm loving the interiors and have a few galleries that are wanting me to do em bigger for them so thats a good thing!
how are you doing on your small studies?

Anonymous said...

I've got one getting ready to post. The weekend included painting- the bathroom!

I'm eager to get back.

mike rooney studios said...

did you do a painting of the bathroom or paint the bathroom??LOL
cant wait to see it. glad youre back!

Don Gray said...

Mike, welcome to DP!

Happy Painting!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks. glad to be associated with such talent as yourself!
now lets go sling paint LOL