Friday, August 14, 2009

Blanket Dance-SOLD

Got a little tired of all the landscapes ive been doing the past few months, so today i wanted to do something with figures. this is from my day at the beach, on the 4th of July. love the movement of the blankets and the sun-filled color harmonies. look at all the color in the skin Luana (i know youre out there lurking)
i really like this one. its loose and accurate.


Micah said...

Hi Mike:
This is really nice. Your plein aire style really works well with figures. I certainly would encourage more.

Best Regards, Micah

mike rooney studios said...

micah- thanks my friend. i like backlit beach girls and throw in some movenent with some flowing beach blankets and youre having fun keeping the shadows colorful and the sunlight a little bleached out