Thursday, August 27, 2009

Truro Cottages-SOLD

5x7- oil on canvas

Heather on the Cliffs 2
To purchase: drop me an email

Sorry for the delay in posting from my painting trip to Cape Cod. i got here and tried to get online and my broadband card wouldnt work.

ive been painting sunup to sundown everyday, and just found the time to find a Wi-Fi hotspot, so i'm just now getting online. i'll be posting more now, promise.

i uploaded Heather on the Cliffs 1 and realized i had some tweaking to do on a shape or two, so i gave you Heather 2 before Heather 1.

i have some great news. i'm happy to report that i've been picked up by Sandpiper Gallery in Wellfleet here in Cape Cod. now i've got even more incentive to get up here regularly (like i needed it. i fell in love with this place the day i started painting!)

High dunes a hundred feet over the ocean, cape cod architecture, millions of boats, coastal mudflats, bays, marshes, whats not to love?!

i've already completed 12 paintings in just 2 1/2 days. i'm on a tear.

I wanted to publicly thank my dear tourguide and fellow painter Linda Young for helping me find my way around the Cape and Joyce for showing me a sweet "secret spot" hint: the cliffs!


Justin Holdren said...

Congrats on the new gallery representation Mike. You're represented by what, now a dozen or more? That's great! Love the paintings. I love the "Rooney" view of Cape Cod.

Kathy Weber said...

Yes, congrats from me too! I knew you'd love the Cape. Glad you finally got online.

Roxanne Steed said...

glad you're getting to post these new paintings! love'em! Congrats on the new gallery, too!

mike rooney studios said...

justin- thanks man! i'm stoked to get a gallery that can sell the pieces i paint up here instead of shlepping em around my galleries in the carolina's hoping somebody would show 'em. they said they would but i think they were hesitant? this gallery said they had a market for them so what a blessing!

Kathleen- it was so great seeing you the other day and i am really looking forward to our painting trip around providence! the cape is amazing and i want to stay another week for sure. didnt know when i saw you but once i got here and started painting OMG!
glad to be back online. jeez i felt like i was stuck in the 80's without it. sold three while i was offline tho'.... thank God they still had their connection even tho i didnt have mine. See you next week. cant wait. p.s. thanks for my paintings... i love em!

roxanne- hurricane danny on its way to the cape so i'll tweak a bunch and get them uploaded to the post today and tomorrow. i've got 12 more to show. glad youre enjoying looking at em. i'm enjoying painting em.