Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cow Siesta-12x16-$200

Last year this sold for $400 framed- now $200 unframed
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'07 and '08 Studio Sale

This is the NC State Vet Farm out near the fairgrounds. who would have thought you'd have a farm scene like this in Raleigh?

it was hot and the cows were taking a siesta under the metal roofed buildings. i'm out in the blazing sun painting them. who's smarter the cows or me?

Today i was giving a private lesson on the marsh in Surf City. we learned all the steps required to make a good painting. good drawing, proper values, mixing color, and hard and soft edges.

if you'd like to sign up for private lessons theyre $35 per hour and you can email me to schedule something.

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