Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just Chillin'

No paintings to post today

Wouldnt you know?? the hurricanes have followed me to cape cod. there was a ton of rain and wind and no painting today. probably good to rest while i wait for the sun to come out and i start the grueling sunup to sundown shift. when youre out of town you have to make every cent count so production is the name of the game. i'd love to say that i'm the consumate "purist" and only care about "the art" but hey.... this is my blog and honesty is the rule of the day, here anyway.

this is a business like any other business... produce a product, keep costs low, sell at a price people cant say no to, and get out enough of it to not lose weight from starvation because you didnt do one of the above LOL

so far this recipe has kept me fat and happy. dont know how the rest of the world does it, dont care. only care if i keep getting fat.

didnt say you'd get rich or famous mind you. just working steady, paying the bills, buying a toy to play with once in a while, and eating regularly.

wanted to mention one of my new "codder" friends. she shows her work in the new gallery i just got into in wellfleet, Lora Barret. she's a great artist and lady. check out the link here.

there is some fantastic talent up here and i'm stoked to see all the Cape Cod School of Art disciples that paint this area in the tradition of Henry Hensche and Charles Hawthorne. i have a real connection with them even tho ive never met them (and are seperated by almost half a dozen states). we are connected by the technique and "ethos" of the schools influence.


Steve said...

Mike, it must be cool to be ensconced in the region where your underpainting technique first took hold-I reckon you see it everywhere you look.
There's a photo on your blog of a guy who resembles you but I could swear he's sporting a beard...
Just picked up the last of your DVD's from Jerry's and look forward to watching them.
Safe travels.

mike rooney studios said...

steve- it is neat to see the school's influence up here. you see alot of it in the galleries and when i'm out painting with some of them. i love it!

p.s. the beard is what i brought back from key west last spring. fitting for the ernest hemingway-esque life-style i'm livin!

hope you like the last of the dvd's and hope the first few were helpful to you.