Sunday, August 23, 2009

Swan Quarter Sailboats-SOLD

on its way to Australia!

My last post from NC until i get back from my paint trip to Cape Cod.
a lot of folks dont realize that painting is as much about the mind games as it is about the skill. sometimes you psych yourself out and have to find ways to overcome it. the closest thing i can tell you its like is.... when you play pool and youre shooting the game winning eight ball into a really close pocket, you can psych yourself out thinking how easy the shot is, and MISS!
in painting... if i go a few days without painting... in my mind, i think i wont be able to paint. i dont want to go to cape cod with a few days of not painting haunting me. so i went out today, even tho' i really didnt feel like it. saw this scene and changed the way i felt LOL
a good scene to paint will do that for you.
My next blog post will be done from Cape Cod. hope you like 'em!

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