Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Spell Bound-6x8-SOLD


From a dock in Portsmouth, Va.

Dreamy Waterfront-6x8


Well....the story i'm about to tell you is what i get for bragging in previous posts!

here's the short version..... (see previous posts for the background to this tale)

we're in the norfolk area on the houseboat and we decide to go up in a bay and anchor for the night when the wind decides to kick up about 20-25 knots. we throw the anchor only to find that it's not grabbing the bottom and we're being blown towards the shore. its real dark and all i can see is the black silohuette of the tree line when i get a bad feeling about things. closer and closer we go as we're trying to motor the boat toward the anchor to get slack on it where we can pull it up. no go! the capt decides to cut the anchor loose and gun the engines and try to get the boat out towards the middle. this boat we're on is like 70 feet long and 70 tons of steel. long story short we get beached on the rocks on shore with the waves slamming the boat into the rocks over and over. we were very worried that it might take on water and sink right there a few yards from shore. the towboat he called tried to pull us off but couldnt because the tide was going low and we were grounded good! Next morning they came out at high tide and got us off the rocks and back into the bay. no apparent holes, so we cruise off to norfolk to get the boat pulled out of the water and inspected.

Left this morning driving south from norfolk for the next leg of my adventure, painting my way down the outer banks and jumping on the cedar island ferry, back home.

i'd like to thank boardman and mary bell for a great cruise and another one of my great adventure stories! they are great hosts and you dont find better people!


francesca said...

Jeez MR how exciting! You are what I call a dedicated painter....thru h--- and high water.......did you do a painting while on the rocks???? What a guy! I did stuff like that with my Laser a few years back...glub,glub f

mike rooney studios said...

francesca- the boat was rocking too hard for a painting then, but the next morning i had a great view of the shoreline (on it) LOL
what kind of boat is a Laser?

francesca said...

Laser is classed a 'board boat'...as you probably could figure, an overgrown wind surfer...only you get to sit. I had many glorious dumps while learning and each more fun than the last....just out there looking for the big wind! Probably why I'm so drawn to your boats and water. Happy painting mr...you continue to inspire! grazie f

mike rooney studios said...

francesca- very cool. i'd love to buy a sailboat or houseboat. being on the water is heaven. thats why i like painting boats and water too! they say paint what you love and the passion will show in the paint. how true!

Steve said...

Mike, that's a hairy situation...good thing the boat was large and sturdy enough to take a little smacking around.
If I may, it looks like you were sticking your toe into not strange, but certainly different, waters on this trip. I don't recall seeing anything like the clouds on a few of your paintings, and the dreamscape waterfront is different but really attractive and I think it really works well-I liked it alot. What a cool concept and congratulations to you for taking a creative "chance."
Safe(r) travels,

mike rooney studios said...

steve- glad you like my recent efforts. they are different arent they. just stretching my creative muscles a little and doing something out of the box. we'll see where it takes me.
i'm glad it was a big ole ship too! she took a licking and still stayed afloat!

Anonymous said...

This is the mother of Captain Boardman. I am pleased to say the boat is up and out of the water in Portsmouth. Fortunetly, no bad damage to report, only minor repairs. Meanwhile the captain and lovely wife are residing safely with us... as well as all of their furry friends...5 dogs and "Brother" the cat who thinks he is a dog. We are all painting, call it Art Therapy!