Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Front Row Seat-10x8

if you like this one contact me or Rowley Gallery and we'll get it to you

i had a lot of fun on the t-shirt over the beach chair. lots of neat temperature changes and very subtle value changes. i feel like the drawing is accurate and i'm trying to keep the flesh tones lighter than i used to.

gotta love orange and blue color schemes!


Linda Popple said...

Awesome! I like it!!! :-)

Judith said...

This is a wonder figure painting! Really inspires me to try more figures.

mike rooney studios said...

linda- thanks linda. i struggled on a few parts of this but overall it came easier now that i'm working on my figures. never really worked much on figures so they dont come as easy to me as landscapes, boats, etc. thanks for the encouragement

judith- youre too kind! thanks. give those figures a try. theyre a great challenge to get accurate and still keep them loose.