Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Edge(of the E. Coast)-9x12

If you like this one email me for availability and price
having a ball with these knifed beach cottages. the color you get is amazing when youre not sloshing around dirty thinner in your paint, and all the brilliance is mixed right out of the pile, down on the palette. you do all the mixing right up on the panel with the knife. right at the end you pull out a brush and do all the little hints of small detail you cant do with a 3 inch painting knife.
ive extended my teaching DVD special until next wednesday. i'll sell you two for $25 and $6 shipping. they'll go back up to $24.99 ea. next thursday. email me if you'd like to know what i'm teaching you in each one.


Kathy Weber said...

Nice one, Mike! Love the pinkish sky.

mike rooney studios said...

thanks kathy. i'm very secure in my manhood and can paint pink without shame LOL