Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Inner Banks Beauty II

if you like this one contact me or Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro, and we'll get it to you

Did this one from a 9x12 plein air study i did a few months ago in oriental. experimented with really big bristle brushes (flats) where i usually use synethic brights. seemed like the flat bristle brushes are great for larger paintings because theyre so springy and you can really load them up with paint, keeping the shapes loose and gooshey for "smooooshing" around.
these are technical terms and must be used at all times when referring to gooshey paint or moving gooshey paint around by smooooshing LOL


jimmy craig womble said...

Looks great Rooney! I think I've seen that boat!

mike rooney studios said...

jimmy-thanks man!
was dropping off some stuff and saw your rendition of the Fulcher Seafood we did together (big and small one) the big one came out really great. way to go! really liked seeing delessio's stuff up close too