Saturday, June 19, 2010

On the Outskirts-12x16

If you like this one let me know and i'll give you its availability and price
Jimmy C and i both painted this plein air several weeks ago. i'm just getting around to tweaking it and getting it posted. i liked the red/green scheme and the light on this old building on the outskirts of Beaufort going towards Bettie and Sea Level. isnt that a cool shadow where the hole in the roof is?


Anonymous said...

Cool painting. I really like your work.

Kathy Weber said...

Mike- these are great. What colors do you use for your greens?

mike rooney studios said...

thanks anonymous!

kathy- i use two reds (cad red light, and alizarin crimson) two yellows (yellow ochre and cad yell light) three blues (ult, turquoise, and cobalt) sap green, orange (hue) and cobalt violet.
i make sure that every clump of trees has a different temperature bend to it. that way they look varied. some i mix yellow and blue, some i use sap green with cool red in the shadows, cobalt violet. use orange on some light shapes and yellow in some, and yellow ochre in others. of course graying and cooling the furthe trees. hope that helps
oh yeah.can you send me an invoice for what i owe you up to this point for the figure lessons. 305 kennys ave holly ridge nc 28445. i'm heading to the cape end of this month. maybe we can get a coke when i'm going thru providence. what you think? if so i can pay you then, or now. whatever you'd like.

Justin Holdren said...

Sweet painting Mike! Cool that you were painting with Jimmy C. Womble. I love his work too.

mike rooney studios said...

justin- i buy his stuff cheap as i am! you know i must love it... my wife says when the birds fly over my house they say "cheap, cheap, cheap" LOL
thanks for the compliment too!

jimmy craig womble said...

Looks great, Mike! Did you get all the grass off of it? Ha, umbrella adventures on the coast! See you soon.
And thanks to you and Justin for the compliment!

Suzanne Roberts said...

Wow...This is wonderful. I do like the shadow on the roof where the hole is. Your paintings are a gift.

mike rooney studios said...

jimmy- i forgot about the whole setup going down and getting grass all over the thing! too funny!

thanks suzanne- thats nice of you to say!