Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wave of the Future

Every plein air painter in eastern north carolina knows (or has heard of) Bernie Rosage Jr. He started the OOPS painting group in jacksonville and is a great organizer and promoter of all things plein air and paint. bernie was selling on EBay before anybody around here. he understands the internet, marketing and all things techy!
He was so nice to make this video and send it to me. its so good that i want to use it as a sort of "video business card". i can see this thing being the norm as a biz card but on the internet. its like a cool little short movie. alot of you reading this who have taken one on my classes are probably in it somewhere.
its too cool! check it out!


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Enjoyed doing it for you Mike. We should let everyone know the hardest part was getting that surfing footage of you. Thanks for the great workshop last week. I'm seeing the fruits of it in my work already.

mike rooney studios said...

bernie- the waves were great that day werent they? :D
glad you enjoyed the workshop!
and thanks again for the video, youre the best!

Margo said...

Way to cool guys! Bernie, you are a whiz. I'm still pondering finding a way to get a workshop set up here in Texas Mike. There must be some way, otherwise I guess I'll just have to come east!

mike rooney studios said...

margo- dont have your email address. drop me one and i'll give you some ideas!

Ecbatana said...

Just a suggestion. I had to dig through page after page of blog posts to find this video might want to repost it. Its good and makes me want to buy something LOL! Not sure what (video/painting), but its kinda catchy! : )