Thursday, June 3, 2010

Orange View-5x7

I'm running a sale on my instructional DVD's. Shot for Jerrys Artarama they are very well done, alot of shots show the palette and the easel simultaneously. they run almost 1 1/2 hours each. i describe the drawing phase, toning the canvas, underpainting (in a cape school-ish style), putting the topcoats on, and developing it to a finish.
they are normally $24.99 each but this week i'm selling them 2 for $25 plus $5 shipping
contact me by email if you'd like a few


Anonymous said...

Mike, I'd like to know your price for the little turquoise camper. Thanks!
Michael Weaver

By the way, my email address has changes since I last contacted you. It is now

Klinger Studios said...

Is there a place on your blog or website that shows the dvds? I'd like to get some but I don't know where to find 'em.