Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Underpainting Demo

for todays post i thought i'd show you several stages of my painting process

Stage one- lay in cool colors for anything thats not getting light from the window. approximate the values

Stage two- now you go in and try to get the colors and values closer to the real thing, maintaining the clarity of color you had in stage one.

Stage three- start cleaning up the drawing while honing in on the actual value, hue and saturation of the shape youre working on. in the areas that are shaping up nicely you can start to add a little more detail. detail is nothing more than smaller shapes within larger shapes. you'll see that actual color of reality doesnt matter that much at this point as long as the value and temperature (cool for shadow shapes, and warm for light shapes) are right.
this painting is about 75-85% finished. i'll post the finished pc. in a day or two, depending on hurricane Earl who's screaming towards the NC coast, so my schedule this week is up in the air. its supposed to come right at us and hopefully turn at the last minute, but who knows. i may have to run inland for a day or two in case the power goes out, the roads all get flooded, and the stores all close.


Linda Popple said...

Thanks for this demo! I really appreciate the time you take to teach. The light you captured in this interior painting is really nice. I think your subject is really good for the lesson.

Linda Popple said...

P.S. Stay safe with Earl heading your way!!

jimmy craig womble said...

Hey Rooney! Getting ready for tomorrow? Might see some surfable swell... About the blog, I leave that to the pros! Maybe in the future though. Would like to show you some stuff, perhaps I'll get some new ones on my site soon. Next week might be good for some painting if my sitter is in town. Tallk at ya soon, JC

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the painting demos. I like it when you give a lesson.
I really like the interior paintings. They have a warm cozy feel. All your work is great and I read your blog everyday. Hope Earl goes out to sea not inland.
Stay safe.

DGehman said...

Most interesting to follow the chair, tripod table, floor, and rug. The floor especially is fantastic: worn, wide-board pine, maybe?

Like others, hoping that Earl cuts away from NC.