Thursday, February 10, 2011

Curbside Parking at Turtle Kraals-6x8-SOLD

I'm really enjoying painting at night on the docks (as you can tell). its a little cooler, more serene and capturing a lighting effect thats not coming from sunlight is challenging. as you do it more and more you capture the little subtleties of light coming from light bulbs. like... there are several tints of light. some is pink, some looks cold blueish white, some orangey-pink. then of course the further an object is from this light the darker and grayer version of the home color of that object it becomes. the greatest challenge is mixing colors under a headlamp on your head. its not easy let me tell you!


mel magee said...

this is quite wonderful. you met the challenge and won. show us your head lamp. does that affect the painting if it's halogen, etc?

mike rooney studios said...

melanie- the light has a bluish tint to it but you get used to it.