Friday, February 18, 2011

Night on the Docks-8x10

headed to Gallery on Greene

Two Story (Elizabeth and Southard) -8x10

headed to Gallery on Greene
Edge of the Key West Yacht Club-8x10

this is a revision of a painting. i liked the energetic fiery sky in the study and this one done the next day was much more tame. so i went back into the sky and put the "mojo" on it. now its got some "umphhh!" You can scroll down and see the change.
all of these will be in the upcoming show. i spent the morning painting and then my frames came in from fedex. i spent the rest of the afternoon framing all this stuff i've been painting since i got here. the fun part of a show is getting to see the paintings all hung together as a visual statement of how you paint a certain place. i'll get to see the individual pieces as a body of work, a culmination of a thought expressed in paint. the mood of each painting and its creator blend into a larger statement that expresses graphically/artistically, how i see key west.
With each piece i tried to show its allure, ambiance and sunshine.


Douglas Hoover said...

Mike, your paintings are looking awesome! I don't know, man... but it kinda looks like you're enjoying this!!

Your "Night on the Docks" is absolutely gorgeous!

Take care out there, man!


mike rooney studios said...

good to hear from you doug. maybe we'll run into each other over some buffalo shrimp on ocracoke this summer