Saturday, March 12, 2011

On Borrowed Time-6x8- SOLD

This old wooden boat is unfortunately slated to be chopped up very soon. built in 1920 it proved too expensive to repair for the owner. after spending $10,000 he found the whole hull eaten up by wood worms and threw in the towel. the stories this boat could tell, having spent its many years running back and forth all over the caribbean from its home port in key west. just think... this boat was a dozen years old when world war 2 started. i had to immortalize her before she's forgotten forever.


Douglas Clark said...

This is nicely painted and its nice to think that the ship will live on in the painting.

Mick said...

Hey Mike I check your blog every day.Mostly to learn and appreciate but this one brings back memories.For many years I lived on my boat between the Keys and the Islands and worked on many of these "Old ladies of the sea".But sadly also saw many pushed to the back of a boatyard never to taste salt water again

DGehman said...

Nice painting... but you've left me wondering. Why would the owner *not* pay a bit to an expert to report on the structural problems as the first step of restoration? And why not spend another grand on Git-Rot penetrating epoxy and keep on restoring?

SKIZO said...

good creations

mike rooney studios said...

doug- immortalized as she should be!

mick- its hard to watch these old gals put out to pasture or worse, destroyed.

dave- hmmmmm. dont know

skizo- thanks!