Tuesday, December 4, 2012

SOLD-Sleepy Atlantic-16x20

this one was a change in MO for me. i started this 16x20 plein air several months ago on a trip to atlantic nc, with my painting cohort jimmy womble. it sat around till after i got back from the cape and i knew i wanted to give it more work. more subtlety and color. so i wiped liquin on it and started working in the shapes with more variety of stroke and color.
i think ive always had this slap dash mentality to my small studies. i like to do it, finish and get on to the next one. that fits my personality. but here lately i'm going larger and that requires a different mentality completely, so i'm retooling the MO to fit the job at hand. big is good, small is good.
gotta be open to change and still work with what works for you as a painter.


jimmy craig womble said...

Sweet! A sale! Got my version of it at Adam Cave Fine Art, at least the oil version I created from the on site watercolor I did with you. She's waiting for our return to Atlantic! Got some help this week, might try to get out and paint while I don't have Hopper to keep. Let's get up!

mike rooney studios said...

call me and lets paint!

Unknown said...

Mike, have you sold this yet, or is it still available? I love it. Guy Jackson