Friday, January 18, 2008

Caught in a Pinch- 6x8- oil on c.b.


Had alot of fun with the clothespin in this one. i love these funky little still life setups. as i'm thinking of how to set it up usually an offbeat title comes to me at the same time. weird.

the reason i do these is to train my eye to pick up color where most people would just see gray and to see color relationships (like reflected light, cast shadow colors, etc). for example, i saw an orangy-gray in the shadow on the clothes pin where the pepper shades the light. after all that makes sense since the orange is in such close proximity and casts its color everwhere. its on the clothes pin and on the cloth under the pepper as well. then the pepper itself picks up a reflection of the cloth on its side. then i kept a lot of warm red underpainting near the front of the pepper. all to give the illusion that a warm red-orange pepper would give off. and not just the pepper. every object throws itself around the scene. this is what we must TRAIN ourselves to see for our work to mimick reality. wow that sounds like a life-long pursuit. exactly!

this is all art is to me. translating what the human eye sees a million times a day but is "unseen" or is not comprehended. we as artists make people see this beauty in the ordinary, by calling it to their attention. even a lowly pepper pinched by an ordinary clothes pin can get what andy warhol called its "15 minutes of fame"

these little paintings look great grouped on a wall and is an excellent way to start or add to a collection without breaking the bank. so bid why dont ya?

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