Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Semi's on Orange- 6x8-oil on c.b.

SOLD- collector in San Francisco, Ca. Thats cool to me! some semi's from a little NC town hanging on a wall in "the city by the bay"*note- Journey is the greatest band ever!

Another urban still life. this was done on a chilly new years day. love the orange wall and pinkish-yellow semis in the sun. i'm drawn somehow to these lonely industrial sites in the heart of the city. wonderful shapes and colors everywhere. i much prefer it to the countryside. has a hopper-esque feel to it "me thinks"

have sold many of these little studies. now to decide which ones to do large for the galleries. hope they have the same fresh feel these little 6x8's have. you usually have to do these pretty fast. never know when some derelict will jump out of some abandoned warehouse to wreak havoc! Painted one yesterday in raleigh in the middle of two two lane highways with cars wizzing by and kids yelling at me the whole session. i can still hear their shrill voices incessantly yelling---"hey painter man, whatcha paintin?" doing that one was a crowning achievement for plein air concentration. all in a days work!

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