Thursday, January 24, 2008

Flatbed- 9x12- SOLD

$300 inc. gold plein air frame

Contact me if you're interested in this piece.

The picture is not the greatest (not enough contrast, de-saturated color) but this is really nice industrial piece.

the grass is a dull green but its skipped across pure cadmium yellow and makes it glow. speaking of glowing, what caught my eye was the light through the window in the truck. thought that was cooool.

this will go to a gallery in the near future. starting to work on a few big commissions and getting stuff together for spring openings of closed coastal galleries so my little still lifes will probably get kinda sporadic until i get some of this workload done. will still do the blog as daily as i can.

'08 Workshop Schedule now posted on Website

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paintingsbyb.price said...

Hey Mike,just got back from Tucson had a great time, painted alot, and took many many pictures. Hope your busy sure looks like it, you must have a laptop bloggerboy.

see ya