Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cleaning Out the Studio Sale

Windy Repose1- 30"x24"-Acrylic on gallerywrapped canvas
no frame needed

click here to bid. bidding starts at $79

I'm following the lead of my fellow artists/bloggers in cyberspace by holding a "Cleaning out the Studio" sale.

this is where all those paintings hanging around the studio too long are offered up to the highest bidder.

all of them are over a year old and are in acrylic which i dont paint in anymore, thereby not competing with my galleries. but this is why i can offer them to the public at such a savings
so feel free to scarf them up. Ebay sales have increased my visibility from just eastern north carolina all the way to Paris France.

my wish is that my blogwatchers would get em first! So dont wait!

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