Sunday, January 6, 2008

Rusty Monolith- 8x6- oil on c.b.


Loved this tank and the phone pole/transformer structure in front of it. i dont know why i keep doing rusty things here lately. love the burnt orange against robin egg blue skies i guess.

like the bits of magenta peeking out in the sky and other places.

going to let my faithful blogwatchers have first dibs on this one before going to ebay auction. First one to contact me with an offer of $49 plus $8 shipping wins. Good luck


Anonymous said...

Mike... I thought we decided something else for this one?! How about $30?


Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Looking GREAT Mike!
So where are all the apples? ;)

mike rooney studios said...

thanks bernie. apples are to come i'm sure. i'm on a glass binge right now. its addicting trying to capture that fragile, see-through appearance. as you can see sales have been strong. thanks for your help with the whole ebay thing.

yes kate. you have a deal