Wednesday, January 23, 2008

More Cleaning out the Studio Sale Acrylics

Keylime Fantasy- 16x12 on gallerywrap canvas (no frame needed)

Fun painting of a slice of keylime pie. must of sold 4 or five of these in different sizes.
was very difficult to paint the side of the pie because the color is a greenish-yellow and the reflected light off the plate would be a cool blue-green.
when i left a lot of the magenta lavender it seemed to work. took 2 or 3 tries to finally get something that glowed like i wanted it to. stuck the scene on the deck of a beach house with water behind it to add to the beachy feel. did like the way the Cool Whip on top came out where it browned in the oven in some places!
keeping the lime slice very light and saturated made it glow like light was coming thru it.
every painting you do you will learn something. it will help add to your knowledge and skill level. paint daily (or as close as you possibly can to it) to improve. there is no substitute.
went to the "the impressionist landscape" exhibit at the nc museum with wifey this past weekend and saw some john singer sargents up close and personal (guard came up and told me to back up!) cant help it. had to see the luscious brushstrokes millimeters from my nose. he loaded the brush with the perfect color , thick as *&(*()*)(* and whacked it down. no playing around! such confidence. absolute chaos up close but when you stood back he had form and light that would blow your mind. when i was at my easel i felt like a kindergarten kid using my fingers with fingerpaints. a very humbling experience. my favorite piece in the exhibit was a small Metcalf of a backlit yard and the light effect on the grass with shadows from the house and trees. mesmerizing.
also went and saw jimmy womble show in raleigh while in town and was very impressed with his loose AND controlled brushwork. this guy is killing it to be painting for the length of time he has. i own one of his pieces and love it. he had sold over half of the thirty something. kudos my friend.

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