Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Ten Favorite Bloggers

Boardwalk Afternoon- 9x12-SOLD

it was cloudy today. we're having tropical storm christobal rainbands all day so not a good day to shoot a photo of new work. so i offer you this one (from a month or so ago) that just recently sold in Atlantic Beach at my gallery called Vision Gallery right off the MHC/AB causeway. go see them when youre around that area. she has a nice mix of work and prices.

now for my TEN FAVORITE BLOGS LIST (these are not in order)

looking at blogs is a way to keep from getting tunnelvision. you look at other styles, other regions of the country and you learn alot keeping up with this cast of characters. many i have come to know and like alot even emailing about pertinent topics and i always end up learning something valuable.
so try checking out these bloggers. i guarantee you'll benefit greatly. i know i have!


Kerri Settle said...

Thanks for the inclusion! I've happily already been keeping up with many of the blogs you posted but have just added a few that I hadn't discovered yet to my list. I especially can't wait to look more in-depth at Susan Greaves blog.

David Lobenberg said...

Thanks for putting me in your top ten! Painting can have many challenges and certainly it can be hard work (especially plein air), but what joy. Looks to me that you are indeed enjoying and selling!

hj said...

nice paiting, great atmosphere, makes me want to make a walk overthere!
Thank you for this bloggers list, I'll visit them!

mike rooney studios said...

dont you just love finding new blogs of peoples stuff that gives you inspiration. everybody has at least one thing you can glean and use to better your own work. i do yours! Susan wrote me today and sounds like a very sweet person. her underpainting method is very similar to mine and she does demos in her posts. you'll love it.

i envy your boat painting trip down the sacramento river and love what you did. reminds me of a story i heard about sargent tying his umbrella to his leg when he was painting on a boat and there was nowhere to tie it.
you do great work and love your work ethic and frequency of posting on your blog

thanks for the compliment. if you want to go visit there, the painting did its job. there's one more i'd like to add to the blog list i think you'll enjoy...
google the name christopher greco. take care

Don Gray said...

Hi Mike--I'm honored you included me in your list--thanks! It's a treat visiting the blogs you mentioned, some of the artists are new to me. Nice work on your own blog too!

mike rooney studios said...

youre welcome my friend and thanks for the kind words. i love checking blogs everyday and i usually quit going to those that only post once or twice a month. but you my friend....almost everyday! WTG
the ones i posted are great too, eh?
headed over to yours now.....take care

Cooper Dragonette said...

Mike, Thanks again for putting me on your list (I'm flatterd to be in such good company!) I love your Carolina Fields painting, but it's just one of a number of great pieces I see here.
Best, Cooper

Bernie Rosage Jr. said...

Mike... I'm honored to make your top ten... what a treat to see your post. I have thoroughly enjoyed your other picks as well. Keep up the great work...

mike rooney studios said...

cooper -
ive been lurking you since winter man. you never fail to deliver a really nice composition and i love the coastal stuff and your working ships. youve been on my top ten a long time. keep up the awesome job

thanks my friend and compatriot in cyberspace marketing. youre the best. now get painting LOL i want to see some irish landscapes (my ancestors homeland as well)