Monday, September 15, 2008

Art Source Fall Exhibition

its hard on the picture to see but it advertises the four man show i'm in starting this thursday at Art Source in Raleigh. mines the second from the left. Please come check it out if youre in Raleigh near the North Hills mall area. The reception is thursday from 7-9 pm and i think all four of us will be there. not sure about the glass artist but i'm the hometown boy (of the painters) so come out and see some new stuff, and hang out a little.
also the workshop is friday and saturday and theres still room so contact either art source or me and we'll get you signed up.

ive also decided to open the bidding back up to NC residents on my small EBay auctions. man, us tarheels can raise some cane when we want something!! i'm so honored to know that people would get so riled up not being able to bid. thanks for buying and looking at my stuff. without you i'd have to get a real job LOL


laine lea said...

Hi Mike~ got to your blog thru Robin Cheers while just 'surfing' artists....Im from NC and havent found to many nc painters blogging yet! I am loving it (at this point mostly as a tool). Your work is wonderful and Im interested in your comments about all paintings having 7 or less shapes. Could you elaborate? Thanks....

mike rooney studios said...

when youre blocking in a painting the best bet is to not have any more than 7 LARGE shapes. this gives the piece a cohesiveness and makes you think only about the broad strokes. i try for 5 most of the time if at all possible. to do this you have to interconnect shapes even if they are a slightly different value/color. this makes for big powerful statements instead of a busy detailed mess. hope this is what you were asking?
thanks for stopping by. promise to get more paintings up on the blog once all these real estate commissions are over. good thing about them tho? they will enable me to eat this month in case painting sales are slow.