Friday, June 19, 2009

New Paintings for Next Weeks Shows, etc. -nodp

New River Skiff-9x12

Intercoastal Beaches-8x8

High and Dry-8x8

Broad Creek Sailboat-8x10

Beaufort By the Sea-6x16


Steve said...

Mike, love the way the light hits that skiff. "High & Dry" is sweet, too-really like the shaded/shadow areas. Heck, I like 'em all. Hope they sell like hotcakes...good luck.

Burma Cardwell said...

I visit your blog everyday to see what you have painted. Wow!!! love them all.


mike rooney studios said...

steve- thanks man! i hope they sell too. if they dont i'll hang em in my house and look at em! LOL

burma- thanks for coming by ... i went to your blog and see you like boats as much as me. and love your name. perfect for an artist!