Friday, June 5, 2009

Waiting to Get Wet-9x12-NODP

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Not For Sale

i'll be attending a charity benefit next weekend in the Indian Beach area for the Prevention of Child Abuse in NC organization. i heard Govenor Bev Perdue would be in attendance and i hope she bids on (and wins) the above painting i'm donating for the event. that would be a cool collector to have, eh?

next weekend i'll be doing painting demo's at the Swansboro Festival saturday. i'll be in front of my gallery Tidewater Gallery most of the day. Ray the owner has stepped up his game this year and the gallery is full of fantastic art and other cool stuff. come see us next saturday from about 10-4. see you there.

Did some marketing stuff this morning and then kiteboarded the rest of the afternoon. really want to paint some tonite after i recuperate. the wind was really kicking today! i always love to think that i work as hard as i do so i can take an afternoon off in the ocean surfing and kiteboarding with some good friends and forgetting about teaching and painting for a few hours. thats another good reason to live and work ten minutes from the beach. cant let my "gills" dry out! LOL


Jill Berry said...

It sounds like you are enjoying the coast, advancing the arts, and doing good deeds over there. Sorry the mission closed.
I lived on the Outer Banks for 10 yrs. Great place !

mike rooney studios said...

nothing like living where you love. the coast is great. do you miss the OBX?
thanks for greg larocks blog link. i like that guys stuff!

The Artist den said...

Had to tell you I love the "cityscapes" video I just bought from you. I cannot wait to paint today and incorporate what I learned. Some things that really stood out to me as a new painter was "painting negative shapes" and "warming and cooling" colors. I have heard that before but never really understood it till I watched the video. I know that is going to bring a whole new life to my plein aire outings! I was also impressed with the ease of your outline. The blocking in, scraping off... all leads to a nice loose style. Cannot wait to view the "painting with palette knives" video. Who knows what I will find there. Thanks Mike, Dean

mike rooney studios said...

dean- glad you liked the dvd! you dont see many urban plein air dvds so when Jerrys Artarama asked me what i wanted to shoot it, was a no-brainer. glad you got something out of it you can use, out there on the street. let me know what you think of the boat painting dvd....
take care and keep slinging that paint.