Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bend in the Road-SOLD

SOLD- This ones going to Hawaii. just gotta love the internet!

This one is from Fathers Day afternoon. the light was beautiful today and i sketched this one out in about an hour and a half. while i was there two dogs from the nearby property made friends and layed down in the shade of the horse trailer i was huddled next to. when youre out there painting around the countryside you dont know if the dogs want to have you pet them or they want to bite you. just yesterday i was on a dock and this golden lab came up with its owner. they are usually family dogs and very laid back but this one wanted to bite me. you would think the semi-wild ones in this field would want to bite me and not the lab. never assume when youre out there with your paintbox.
i like the purples i put in the far trees. just the right spark of color with all that green. but i tried very hard to make every green shape different somehow from all the others. this is the key to colorful and realistic painting. out in nature no two differing objects have the same color. never. so by changing each objects color if only slightly you reproduce nature and keep the painting interesting.

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