Thursday, June 4, 2009

Calico Creek Abode-6x6-SOLD

This demo was from the morehead city class i just wrapped up yesterday. i had the greatest, most enthusiastic students and they withstood searing heat and me pushing them to do their best for three days.

left them to paint more on their own yesterday and all were tickled with their progress since the first day of class.

i dont hold workshops during the summer months as i try to paint like crazy and most people dont like to be outside when its 90 degrees outside, but i dont mind. i will be doing private lessons for $35 per hour, including the time it takes me to get to your location or you can save that by coming to where i live at Topsail Island. just email me if you want to set up a day or two of private lessons during the middle of the summer.


Denise Rose said...

Beautiful Mike! I know your students learned a lot from you and definitely got some inspiration! I have enjoyed the video I got that you did (the beach houses one). Your voice and accent are easy to listen to for a southern girl like me!

Laurie G. Miller said...

Great "painterly" style...beautiful!

mike rooney studios said...

denise- well thank ya ma'am. glad y'all liked the dvd :)

laurie- thanks for stopping by and taking a look. when youre talking and teaching while painting, its easy to stay loose and painterly. appreciate the kind words.