Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Even More Pigment on Canvas-nodp

Stacked Up Cloudbank-8x8

Sound Sparkles-8x10

Sailing School-6x16


Low Tide at the Pier-8x10


Birds Eye View 2- 12x12


Here in the south, we call it "in the short rows". it's from farming i think. it means....almost finished, or in the "homestretch". tomorrow i'll frame all these up, get em in inventory, set prices, and deliver friday morning. its been a wild ride. the weather cooperated and i think i have some work i can be proud of. we'll see starting saturday when the people start showing up for the solo show's reception and during the months sales while its hanging. nothing like having it all hanging out there and being all vulnerable. the way i deal with that is just move on to the next project and paintings so i dont dwell on it and get all crazy. Living the artist's life is an exciting tightrope walk. wouldnt have it any other way.

was working on a painting the other day and a guy came up and starting talking to me about my painting. just as he was leaving he says "i'm a woodworker! its just like what youre doing"

i was like what, huh? ..... yeah right...was thinking myself just the other day how similar they are....LOL

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