Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lavender Motion-SOLD

Another from the "bride series".

the sand was fun to keep dark and grayer so the dress would really pop! when you have a shape that large you need to put variety of temperature, brushstroke direction and slight variations in value make it more interesting. my figure drawing workshop with Luana Luconi Winner really helped me draw this figure believably. thanks Luana!


Jill Berry said...

Wow, your brides are stunning!

About ~missing OBX~ ??
Those were blessed years of friends and family. But I'm content here, trying to learn to paint along the Gulf Coast. I wasn't into plein-air in NC. So it would be fun to visit and paint it.
Mom still lives in G-ville, & frequents Morehead City. Perhaps our paths will cross at a workshop in the future. I wanted to go to the Jerry's joint workshop last year... I had been watching the plein air series by David Dunlop on PBS.
I have watched your lessons on Jerry's site.
Take Care

mike rooney studios said...

thanks for the nice words. glad you are liking the bride stuff. theyre really fun to paint.
where are you on the gulf coast?
i sell instructional dvd's if youre interested in learning to paint, the easy way. right now i've got a TwoFer Sale. buy one get the other free (the second one wont play in a dvd burner) So you get two dvd's for $24.99 plus $8 shipping. what a deal right!?
take care Jill

Jill Berry said...

I just checked out your website for specifics on the teaching DVD- (Titles), but didn't see info. I think a comment on a previous post mentions cityscapes.?
If you click my name and go to my profile, my blog is Plein Air Painting Journal. I live in Pensacola.
I too am intrested in the Cape Cod school. I read "Hawthorne on Painting". Then after a Susan Sarback DVD, I did the painting on my website: "Cobalt Shadow", in her technique using only a knife.

Anonymous said...

Love how you use lavender and blue to create the effect of white in the sun!
What a crazy notion, yet- Perfect!

mike rooney studios said...

thanks. it just seems to work doesnt it.. i get a nice lavender with Gamblins Radiant blue and Lukas cobalt violet. just right!